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It is the Edo era.

Lust and desire swirl within the "other side" of the luxurious and gorgeous Shin-Yoshiwara. At the long-standing brothel called "Oukaya", the protagonist Chihaya works as its top-ranking oiran (courtesan).


In order to go back to her motherland, she entertains male strangers day and night. Her unchanging everyday life...


Yoshiwara might be a small world, but to Chihaya, it's a treasured place in which she can prove herself. The brothel's owner, Shigure. Her servant, Yuzu. The strong-willed fellow harlots that work alongside her.


Surrounded by irreplaceable people, though her line of work is called "the world of suffering", Chihaya is proud of being a courtesan...


...Until she learned what true love is.

Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri (Jap)

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