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Product Name: Dobe Power Bank Stand for Nintendo Switch
Product Model: TNS-1718

Product Description:
- The MCU processor is controlled by the intelligent microchip management chip
- Intelligent precision protection circuit: Voltage overcharge protection, voltage overplay protection, current overload protection
- High efficiency conversion output circuit, 10000mAH high capacity polymer lithium battery energy storage electric core
- Support charging while discharging to Switch host and power bank stand at the same time
- The power input interface adopts the Type_C interface.
The built-in battery uses 4 lights to indicate the power of the battery.
- Switch console can be directly installed in the power bank stand to carry
- The Switch console can be installed directly on the back clamp of power bank stand.
- It can be charged to the Switch console and grip at the same time for once;

Dobe Power Bank Stand for Nintendo Switch TNS-1718

SKU: NSA-166
RM 125.00Harga

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