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- Join forces with Nika, get behind the controls of MechaNika and bring an end to everything that isn't cool
- Convert your mission into a cooperative experience for 2 players with Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig
- Manage your resources during combat and execute endless, strategic combos to cause more and more harm to your enemies
- Unlock the dumbshredder, the chopping tornado, the groundcracker, the scarlet vomit and up to 8 devastating special attacks
- Take on innumerable challenges in a combination of beat'em up, shoot'em up, platforming and puzzles
- Discover the Neon District, Candyland and the rest of the Psychotic world through 18 totally distinct levels
- Locate all of the geeky references, illustrated in a unique visual style
- Revel in an original, varied, dynamic and immersive soundtrack
- Take crucial and thought-provoking decisions during your quest and discover the 4 alternative endings for this epic and twisted adventure
- Complete the mission with infinite lives or with just one chance in permadeath mode, if you dare

Colossus Down (English Subs)

SKU: NSG-1128
RM 145.00Harga

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