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1. Seven campaigns, each based upon a resistance movement of the second world war
2. Action-packed gameplay delivers the excitement of serial combat in a manner accessible to everyone
3. Over 20 different landscapes, each individually detailed with period precision
4. Pilot more than 16 individual aircraft, in both World War One and World War Two settings
5. Machine gun your enemies, dog fight, bomb ground targets and rocket ground troops and enemy vehicles
6. More than 48 varied missions provide combat, stealth and exploratory gameplay
7. The player can choose between two control schemes: Arcade and simulation

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulation set in world war I + II scenario. During the 7 campaigns, the player has to fly and fight through 49 missions. Before taking off, the player can choose between different aircraft, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

Within the missions, the player gets different objectives like patrolling, sneaking, hit & run, bombing and escorting. Objectives are presented as dialogues between different characters. After some missions, the player can upgrade one of his skills in order to maneuver the airplanes easier, have more endurance or have your wingman boosted. Further, the player can choose between two control schemes. Arcade and simulation. The first one makes the game easier to control, while the second one gives more options to control the aircraft.

Besides the campaign, the game also features several multiplayer modes, local and via the internet for up to four players.

Air Conflicts Double Pack

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