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Japanese Name: THE 密室からの脱出 ~運命をつなぐ35の謎~


The Father Who Vanished


Our hero goes place to place, searching for his lost father with nothing but the mysterious key he left behind. Will he be able to escape the countless prisons his destinations inevitably become and find his parent?!


Waking Up Imprisoned


Our hero wakes up with a cell phone and a note. Though he has no memories to rely on, a mysterious woman appears in front of him - Kei.


They move forward, clinging to the only clue they can believe in, and come upon a shocking revelation...!


What connecting truth lies under the mysteries of both stories? Play and find out!

The Misshitsukara No Dasshutsu: Unmei Wo Tsunagu 35 No Nazo (Eng,Chi, Jap Subs)

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