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- Create your own games - Learn how to make games (and have fun doing it) with interactive lessons
Build and play - The included guided lessons can teach you how to build seven fun games. Here are a few you can make
- Power up with a new skill - Learning something new is like gaining a real-life power-up!
- Flex your creative muscles - Ready to take the lead? Let your imagination and curiosity run wild in Free Programming, where the sky is the limit!
- Share with friends - Exchange codes with friends to download* their games and share your own! Check out the programming behind downloaded games. You can even use this feature to work with friends


Dreaming about creating your own game? If you do, Game Builder Garage is the game for you! This game shows and explores the basics of game design and visual programming with easy-to-understand and simple guided lessons.

Meet helpful creatures called Nodon that will aid you in building and bringing your game to life. And in case you are not sure about what to make, just play with these creatures and a great idea will pop up for sure.

Make programming fun with this do-it-yourself programming game in a memorable way!

Game Builder Garage (English, Chinese, Japanese Subs)

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