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- Huge array of new buildings! From the lowly Trailer to massive, shiny Skyscrapers.
- All new missions and pre-built cityscapes structured get you playing the game better & badder than ever!
- Numerous new graphical environments including the spectacular Outer Space Worlds!
- Re-balanced gameplay to enhance the ‘Constructor’ gaming experience.
- Massive, in-depth playable tutorial mode for instant pick up and play.


In a town where anything goes, you can’t rise to the top without taking a few others down. From dodgy deals to shifty tricks, do what you gotta do to go from small-time slumlord to filthy rich tycoon.

In Constructor, you take on the role of a budding property tycoon who must do battle with your competitors to create a thriving and profitable city…in ANY way you see fit!

Constructor Plus

SKU: NSG-410
RM 89.00Harga

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