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1. Action-packed “hack-and-slash” gameplay featuring customizable RPG elements
2. Players can freely move between three different planes of action during combat, with some projectile attacks able to travel between planes
3. Various fighting combos, lock-on and burst systems increase the damage dealt to enemies
Over 50 different characters are playable throughout multiple game modes, including Campaign, Free Play and Bonus Quests
4. RPG stats let players decide how their characters will develop and proceed through the journey
5. Cooperative and competitive local/online multiplayer modes include leaderboards and let players track their coveted “Princess Points.”
6. Created by former members of the original Guardian Heroes development team
7. Characters and worlds created by legendary Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura, with art contributions from Street Fighter artist Bengus

Journeying back to an acclaimed cult hit, Code of Princess EX is an updated remake of the classic Nintendo 3DS “hack-and-slash” action game that features role-playing game (RPG) elements. This all-new EX version introduces higher-resolution art, a local (two-player) co-op option for the entire Campaign Mode and numerous other gameplay additions and enhancements including improved AI, updated balancing, a new character leveling-up system and overall better playability.

The story within Code of Princess EX follows Princess Solange of DeLuxia as she fights to restore order in a world where monsters are trying to overtake the human race. Armed with the legendary sword DeLuxcalibur, Solange assembles a team of talented fighters to join her quest. Together, they embark on an epic journey where they will confront the monster uprising and try to discover its secret origins.

Code Of Princess EX (English Subs)

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